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This blog will explore the new and wonderful world of coliving.

The concept of coliving has fascinated me. I’ve been studying the rental market since 2014 and this is the biggest innovation I’ve seen in the industry. This blog will help us both understand what coliving is, why it’s growing, what people love about it, where it’s going and what it says about our society and economy. Surely, this concept of coliving sounds like a fringe idea, something my grandparents and even parents would scoff at.

Today, it is rapidly gaining acceptance among people who not only see the cost-benefit value, but also recognize the social benefit.

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What is Coliving?

How is the Coronavirus affecting Coliving?

Interview with Cate Maiolini from Startuphome

Interview with Kalen Hayman, Coliving Digital Strategist and Former Member at Haven Coliving in Venice Beach, Los Angeles

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What is Coliving? - Episode 1

Interview with Former Venice Beach Haven Member Kalen Hayman - Episode 2

Interview with Cate Maiolini, the Mayor of London for the ‘Y Combinator of Coliving Spaces,’ Startuphome - Episode 3

Interview with Treehouse Coliving Member Jade Brandais - Episode 4

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